Reward based training methods are gaining popularity among dog trainers and dog owners alike. SENSIBLE REWARDS™ were created with this shift in training methodology in mind.

Reinforcing desirable behavior through positive reinforcement is a key component of this method. Giving the dog something they like, such as a delicious tasting reward, when they perform in a way you find favorable is a key to this approach.

I have been a certified trainer for a number of years and saw the need for something healthy and easy to work with when training dogs using reward based training methods.

SENSIBLE REWARDS™ accomplishes this by allowing you to offer your dog a tasty, healthy reward, easily and quickly. Each treat bar is segmented with smaller pieces that are easily broken off and allow you to reward your dog with consistent size pieces fast and easy with minimal handling. You can better control the training process since you do not have to worry about dropping rewards, or breaking larger rewards apart.

SENSIBLE REWARDS™ are formulated using only quality natural ingredients and are all made in the USA as well. Whether for training or just as a treat, my dogs absolutely love them, I am sure your dog will too!

Our packaging process utilizes adults with autism from the adult program at Eden Autism Services.

Barry Rosenberg,